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Stylists that are Yuko Certified:  Mindi  Donovan  Jaci 

    Yuko Hair Straightening, also known as Japanese hair straightening, is the world renowned U.S. patented method recognized as the leading brand of chemical hair straightening that gives you low maintenance, shiny, hassle-free straight hair. No matter how curly or unruly your hair is, Yuko will create the results you’ve always wanted.

"My hair was incredibly soft, shiny and much more manageable after trying [this] treatment. Not only was the time spent at the salon quick and easy (great for busy girls like me), but I was still getting compliments on my silky strands weeks later!"
Jillian Gordon (Managing Editor of Beauty Launchpad Magazine)

"I love how it felt after the blow dry and flat iron. [Hair was] super shiny and very soft. My client loves it!"
Lauren Lea (Stylist) Novi, MI

"I believe [this] was the best one that I have used so far. It was easy to use and apply"
Liz Rhodes (Stylist) Novi, MI

"Love, love this product. Fabulous!"
Marcy Price (Stylist) Columbia, SC

"Other treatments can be uncomfortable to seal into the hair. This product does not have fumes that may cause nausea, or eye irritation. Smells wonderful."
Melissa Sandifer (Stylist) Jacksonvielle, FL

"Very impressive! With the ease of use, short processing time and safety, this is another Yuko home run!"
David Mitchell (Stylists) Toronto, Canada

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