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To book an appointment with Donovan:

Call Toll Free:  800.266.9586 ext 702
Mobile / Text:  801.735.2875

Stylist / Hair Extensions Specialist
Vanity Hair Extensions Certified
*Certified in over 8 Hair Extension Methods*

Color Expert
*Specializing in Schwarzkopf Color*

Yuko Straightening
Yuko Anti Frizz Smoothing

Brazilian Blowout

Product Specialization:
*Click on a product line for more information*
PureOlogy Hair Care
Schwarzkopf Color and  Hair Care Products
Keratin Express
Yuko Straightening
Moroccan Oil

Hair Extensions

Methods Offered:

Single Strand Bonded
Single Strand Micro Polymer Small Pre-Bond
Single Stand Micro Polymer Large Pre-Bond
Single Strand I-Tip, Micro Bead, Micro Ring
Single Strand Pre-Tipped; V-Tip, U-Tip, Nail-Tip
Micro-Weft Tape-In
Micro Beaded Weft
Clip In Weft
Synthetic 4 Braid Strand by Strand
New: Invisi-Line Hair Extensions System

Call to schedule a FREE Vanity Hair Extensions consultation in order to determine which hair extensions method would be best suited for your particular needs,
desires and budget.

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